The Garden of the Mediterranean

With an ever widening range of fruit and vegetables, Cyprus has justifiably gained the reputation in international markets of The Garden of the Mediterranean.
Fresh produce crops include a full range of citrus fruit, grapes, melons, potatoes, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Production of fruit and vegetables has been further enhanced by the completion of a massive irrigation scheme which has opened up and additional 50,000 acres of fertile coastal land.

Quality Control

A Government Inspection Service operates closely with both producers and exporters to ensure that strict international standards are maintained. All exports conform to EU regulations and the produce is inspected at packing house level and ports, before the necessary phytosanitary and quality control certificates are issued.


Citrus fruit, grapes, melons, potatoes, vegetables and herbs are marketed by the island’s cooperative corporation and private packers/exporters. There are more than 30 fresh produce exporters, most of whom are substantial producers on their own right.

Specially tailored labelling for supermarkets and wholesale buyers is a facility which is becoming increasingly available by Cypriot exporters. Sea transport with reefer vessels is available from Limassol and Larnaca. Highly perishable crops are transported by air.